Meg Ryan Gets a TV Show


The movie star famous for faking an orgasm in a New York deli in When Harry Met Sally is headed to the small screen. She will produce and star in an NBC comedy about a single mom who decides to return to her job at a New York publishing house, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Former Family Ties writer and Emmy nominee Marc Lawrence will create the half-hour single-camera comedy. Ryan’s character, once a high-profile editor, will have to contend with working for her former intern.

The announcement of the new show — whose air date has yet to be set — comes only weeks after a People magazine cover story on how the now 51-year-old Ryan preferred to stay out of the limelight and focus on her family. Guess she wants back into Hollywood after all.

[Hollywood Reporter]

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Stewart to Sebelius on health care law “Am I a stupid man?”

CNN Political Ticker

(CNN) — “The Daily Show” took a more serious turn Monday night when host Jon Stewart introduced his guest for the evening, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius, who has been on a media blitz in recent weeks as the health care exchanges for the Affordable Care Act opened for business on October 1st, has appeared on multiple networks to promote the new law and to attempt to temper criticism of its rollout.

As the secretary sat down to begin the segment, Stewart opened a laptop on his desk. “I’m going to attempt to download every movie ever made, and you’re going to try to sign up for Obamacare, and we’ll see which happens first.”

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