Military enthusiast parks World War I tank outside his home


A military enthusiast has parked a World War I tank outside his home in Cottenham, Cambridge, ahead of next year’s centenary of the start of the Great War.

Anthony Cooke left the six-and-a-half tonne vehicle in his drive to the surprise of his neighbours, although he said they appreciated the piece of memorabilia.

‘People do get a shock when they first see the tank in the middle of a residential estate,’ the 57-year-old said.

‘But I’m very lucky as my neighbours love it and one little boy even says good night to it each evening.

‘It takes up my entire drive and I now have to park my car down the road, but it’s worth it as it will look great when it is finished.’

Mr Cooke spent seven months finishing the outside of the 13ft-wide Mark IV tank, which cost him an estimated £40,000 to purchase and complete.


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