Valve’s Final Trick Is a Steam Controller with Touchpads Instead of Thumbsticks


The third shoe in Valve’s weeklong announcement trifecta, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t as I’d guessed and hoped — a lineup of triple-A Linux game developers — but it’s definitely intriguing: a Steam Controller.

Not just any controller, mind you, but a 16-button, beveled, ebony boomerang-like gamepad that looks (and sounds) a little like the lovechild of a PS Vita and Nintendo DS, where the left and right spaces you’d normally spy thumbsticks have been supplanted by circular trackpads.

Let that sink in: circular trackpads. Valve describes it as “A new way to play your entire Steam library from the sofa.”

Indeed it would be, though it’s perhaps not entirely new for those of you who remember what it was like to play Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo DS, using the bottom half’s trackpad in lieu of a thumbstick to maneuver Mario around that game’s full-3D environs.


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