‘South Park’ and the Pleasures of a TV-Show Marathon


It takes no less than 5 days to watch the entire run of South Park. This much we gather from the SP marathon—viewable on southparkmarathon.com—which began streaming last Saturday in advance of the show’s upcoming new season.  All 234  episodes of South Park’s previous 16 seasons will air consecutively and back-to-back.  Similarly, AMC will dedicate a long block of airtime to a Breaking Bad marathon, leading to the final episodes of the series.

The first few days of the marathon have given viewers the opportunity to watch 15-year-old episodes that feel buried by time. It has been fascinating to witness the first stages in several evolutionary processes, from voice and image quality, to the increasingly absurd speech patterns of Eric Cartman—changes  that would have been imperceptible if the show was viewed over the course of years.

Old episodes bring back memories of bygone times: silly fads (Chinpokomon, an anti-American version…

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