Valve and Sony both tease buzzy new consoles


The gaming community is buzzing about two big up-and-coming consoles, Valve’s Steam Box and Sony’s PlayStation Vita TV. Executives from both companies have slipped crucial information in very different ways — and are definitely teasing for a late-year or 2014 U.S. debut.

Sony unveiled its new budget micro-console, the PlayStation Vita TV, to an excited and welcoming crowd earlier this month. However, Sony indicated that the console — which can support PlayStation Vita games as well as cloud titles, PS4 broadcasts and streaming media — would be only sold in Japan. After some intense enthusiasm from the gaming community today at the Tokyo Game Conference, an executive from Sony told Engadget that the company is now mulling over a reversal of this decision and considering distribution to the U.S. and Europe.

“If we have to add further services or not. It’s not that we have decided, but cloud gaming…

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