Family Kicked Out of Restaurant Over Kids’ Behavior

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TEXAS — A family night out was busted when a restaurant manager believed the family was making too much noise and called police.

Eli Gau and Lilian Maliti were at Applebee’s with their sons Ethan, 1, and Ryan, 3. The parents admit that the boys can be a handful, but wanted to enjoy a Sunday dinner out.

Gau says everything started when his oldest son began wandering away from the table, according to KHOU. Gau grabbed his son and started walking back to the table, but says a manger told him that the children were making too much noise, was calling police and asked the family to leave.

According to KHOU, the deputy handed the family a notice warning for criminal trespassing.

The Applebee’s corporate office apologized and said the restaurant mishandled the situation.

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