Northampton clown unmasked? New clues emerge as roaming prankster terrifies town


He may be dividing opinion but the Northampton clown has at least brought a fair bit of (nervous) excitement to the East Midlands town these last few days. And we now may be a step closer to uncovering his true identity.

The menacing enigma has been loitering the streets since Friday September 13 and has whipped up a social media frenzy following reported ‘sightings’ in the north-east of the town and again last night in its centre.

The clown’s anonymity has been something of a talking point, with many attempting to guess who could be responsible for his freaky kerbside activities.

A video posted on YouTube in May shows a short film entitled The Local Clown, which was shot in Northampton.

The witty mockumentary follows the life of a morose clown called Richard and was written and directed by filmmaker Alex Powell.

Local newspaper the Northampton Herald & Post has…

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