MLB Remembers Sept. 11 With On-Field Tributes

CBS Houston

STEPHEN HAWKINS, AP Sports Writer- Texas Rangers third base coach Gary Pettis said it is important for Major League Baseball — and all Americans — to take a moment to remember Sept. 11.

Pettis has vivid memories of that day 12 years ago when two hijacked jets were flown into the World Trade Center towers. Pettis was then a coach for the Chicago White Sox, who had arrived in town only a few hours earlier for a scheduled game against the New York Yankees that night.

“You could smell the smoke. It wasn’t a good feeling that day,” Pettis said Wednesday before the Rangers played the Pittsburgh Pirates. “It’s so sad that so many people lost their lives and it’s ruined other peoples’ lives. … It’s like it was a movie, it’s like that wasn’t something that actually happened. I still can’t believe it.”

MLB players, coaches and umpires wore…

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