Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse review – Disney HD


Sega’s Mega Drive classic gets a big budget update to rival DuckTales: Remastered but is the game underneath worth all the attention?

With all these retro updates lately we’re building up quite the body count when it comes to sacred cows. Except we’re still not convinced games like this and DuckTales: Remastered really deserve to be talked about in the same hallowed breath as something like Super Mario Bros. or Sonic The Hedgehog. And we’re equally unconvinced Castle Of Illusion deserves all the care and attention this HD remake lavishes upon it.

The original Castle Of Illusion was well regarded when it was originally released on the Mega Drive in 1990, but we dispute the fact that it was ever considered a classic. It’s certainly one of the best licensed platformers of the era but compared to contemporaries such as Sonic or Super Mario World it was clearly a rung…

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