Thanks to Internet Magic, GIFs Are Now Embeddable on Facebook


tumblr_mqt0bpWvqI1qh9nffo1_500Our long national nightmare of not being able to embed GIFs on Facebook is now over.

Giphy, the Betaworks-owned GIF search engine, announced a workaround today that makes its GIFs embeddable on the social networking site. No longer will your feed be clogged with GIFs pulled from Tumblr that promptly freeze at some less-than-desirable slide.

Similar to posting a regular link, copy and paste the URL of the GIF using Giphy’s search engine or post the embed code using the Facebook button at the bottom. The GIF won’t start playing until you hit the “play” button. For example, upon pressing play, this tasteful GIF of Miley twerking will loop endlessly on your friend’s wall or your Newsfeed until you want to shoot your computer in its stupid computer face.

But, hey, thanks to advances in technology, your intolerable Facebook persona just reached new levels.

Update, 1:32 p.m.: A Facebook spokesman…

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