Beauty pageant contestant can’t answer a simple question

CW39 NewsFix

GLENDALE, CA – Seeing is believing. Just ask the audience at the Miss Philippines beauty pageant in Glendale, California. Contestant Joanlia Lising’s response has made her famous.

“If I had to pick out of 5 senses I would pick seeing because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see because seeing is believing…”  Now if she’d have just stopped there she probably wouldn’t have gone viral, but she continued.

“And believing into what you see is perfect. And out of all those senses seeing would really….” Perhaps it was common sense kicking in, the restless audience or maybe she’d already made her point. “…be wonderful because… thank you, that’ll be it.”

Obviously, Lising didn’t win the crown, but she is a runner up for ‘Worst Response Ever.’ The reigning champ, Caitlin Upton, has held the crown for 6 years. You remember Caitlin right? She can turn one syllable…

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