Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Beats Hulk Hogan In Arm Wrestling

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Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto absolutely destroyed Hulk Hogan in an arm wrestling contest in Canada on Friday morning. No way this is staged, right? Maybe not: Mayor Ford had six pounds on the Hulkster: 308 to 302.

Ford, who really should be nicknamed “The Rock,” took just 22 seconds to beat Hogan, who was in town to do a Q&A at Fan Expo Canada on Friday evening. The embattled mayor then celebrated to “Eye of the Tiger” because of course he did.

Jokes aside, this is not a good look for Hogan. He’s gone from the most popular pro wrestler in the world to taking a DJ’s sloppy seconds to arm wrestling Canada’s version of Marion Barry. This isn’t going to end well. You may want to enjoy these pics of Hulkster while we still have him.


[H/T: @HulkHogan]

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