MacFarlane offends with show that hasn’t premiered yet

The Lead with Jake Tapper

Seth MacFarlane is known for crude humor and he has made a career out of pushing envelopes. Sure, his previous productions have focused on families and teddy bears but those wholesome topics are Trojan horses for much edgier content, and MacFarlane’s new sitcom is no different.

The Family Guy creator will debut his first multi-camera sitcom, Dads on Fox next month. The pilot episode is still weeks away, but there are already objections to its controversial content.

Scenes of a provocatively dressed Asian woman, giggling demurely amid a group of men are among a handful of clips used to promote “Dads” on Fox’s website.

Instead of the laughs executives may have expected, FOX recently received a letter from Guy Aoki, the founder of the Media Action Network for Asian-Americans.

“Our community can’t continue to be the target of racially insensitive jokes,” Aoki wrote, “We are asking you to re-shoot the…

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