Hugh Jackman denies signing $100m Wolverine deal to span four films


Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has denied reports that he has signed a nine-figure deal to reprise the character in four further X-Men movies.

Speculation mounted earlier this week that the actor was set to pocket $100m (£64m) for the quartet of films, which would come hot on the heels of Wolverine’s success at the box office.

However he has now told Entertainment Weekly that there is no truth in the rumour.

‘No, it’s not true,’ Jackman admitted. ‘I would never do that.

‘I’ve never done that mainly because, for the fans and for me, each time I’ve gone around there’s been a really good reason to do it and I don’t know what that reason is from here,’ the actor added.

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‘I’m in the middle of making this and I just promoted the other and I’m really happy with the way The Wolverine came out.’


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