New Close-Up Images Released For Capitol Dome Climber

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

[worldnow id=9171487 width=450 height=275 type=video]

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO-TV showed you video Monday night of a daredevil who scaled the 20-story State Capitol dome last October. Now, security officers are one step closer to finding out who he is – and who helped him get away.

Capitol security video made public this week show a man in a gray hoodie climbing from the top of the Capitol, escaping security officers by hiding behind the giant carved eagles and tip-toeing dangerously across a narrow ledge. Then, he got away after climbing down into a getaway car.

Security cameras — for an instant — captured his image.

According to State Patrol Lieutenant Colonel Eric Roeske, the daredevil had an accomplice in that car.

“It appears that there was another individual in the vehicle waiting for him,” Roeske said. “We don’t have camera shots of him getting in the vehcile, but according to…

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