T-Mobile tweaks pricing again: iPhone 5 with no down payment, $27 per month


It’s getting harder to keep track of how much an iPhone 5 costs on T-Mobile(s tmus) these days. But this time it’s good news: once again, the carrier is offering an eye-popping deal on Apple’s(s AAPL) latest phone as well as every single smartphone, tablet and hotspot in its portfolio. On Friday, T-Mobile said customers can switch to an iPhone 5 with no down payment on the device, just a $27 per month charge on top of their monthly wireless plan bill. The monthly payments for other devices vary, but otherwise the zero-down benefit remains the same.

But while “zero down” sounds really good, be aware you’ll be paying the same overall cost as before: $0 up front plus $27 for 24 months is essentially the same as $146 up front and $21 per month, $648 versus $650. The real value, however, comes if you combine this promotion with T-Mo’s new…

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