Schindler’s list for auction on eBay

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NEW YORK, NY — Potential bidders at the auction website eBay can zoom in on a neatly-typed list of hundreds of factory workers spared almost certain death at Nazi concentration camps.

One of Oskar Schindler’s original lists was posted Thursday night with a starting bid request of $3 million.

The German businessman became a Nazi and operated enamel factories in Poland, producing pots and pans using forced Jewish laborers during World War II.

In order to save 1,200 prisoners, Schindler opened an armaments factory in Brunnlitz, present-day Czech Republic, to convince his superiors Jews were vital to the work production.

The transfer of these workers was drawn up on multiple lists, collectively known as “Schindler’s List,” according to Steven Luckert, curator of permanent exhibitions at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Schindler’s List became a household name in 1993 when Steven Spielberg directed the Academy Award-winning classic movie…

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