‘Mooning prankster’ fined for criminal damage after being filmed falling through bus shelter roof


Further embarrassment has been heaped on a man who fell through the roof of a Cheshire bus shelter with his trousers round his ankles after he was fined for criminal damage.

Sean Martin, from Stockport, would probably like to forget the event that led to him becoming an unlikely YouTube star last year, when he smashed through the top of shelter as he revealed his backside during a prank.

The encounter saw him clamber onto the roof after being encouraged by friends, only to fall through the plastic on the pavement.

The ‘mooning’ prankster was thrust into the limelight after the incident was filmed and then posted on YouTube in May 2012.

As a result of the short clip, the 26-year-old was identified and then reported to authorities, which led to him being prosecuted.

Mr Martin’s barrister John Gallagher defended his client by saying he was drunk when the incident occurred.

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