Ashmolean open new Stradivarius show


Published on Jun 12, 2013

The new show at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is the first ever exhibition of the work of Antonio Stradivari, whose violins are considered “the Ferrari” of the instrument world.

The new exhibition of string instruments crafted by famed Italian maker Antonio Stradivari is a “great coup for the Ashmolean”, says curator Dr Jon Whiteley.
It is the first time a show dedicated to Stradivarius has been held in Britain. There are around 650 violins, violas and cellos by Antonio Stradivari still in existence all over the world, many in private collections, and the exhibition brings 21 of these precious instruments together.
The instruments on display date from between 1666 and 1734, and include cellos, a viola, a guitar and a mandoline, but it is violins, most associated by with Stradivari, that have pride of place.
One of the violins on display, which was first owned by Lady Anne Blunt, the great granddaughter of Lord Byron, fetched £9.8 million at auction in 2011.

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