Watch a Mall Cop Go Berserk


Published on May 23, 2013

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio — A female security guard for The Ohio Valley Mall was fired after being videotaped fighting with a woman on the mall’s property. The melee erupted after the security guard had demanded that the woman and several others stop taking photos on mall property.

This report also includes…

NEW YORK — Americans who have bought gold should be wary of price manipulation — and the possibility that the U.S. government might confiscate their assets, just as FDR did during the Great Depression. That warning comes from legendary contrarian investor Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom and Doom report.

HOLLYWOOD — What is missing from the film “42”, comments historian Jonathan Beam, is an acknowledgement of the fact that both Robinson and Rickey were committed Christians and that they believed “capitalism, not government, held the key to equal opportunity.”

MONROE COUNTY, New York — Two years ago, Emily Good was arrested by Rochester, New York Police Officer Mario Masic for recording him during what Good regarded as a racially-profiled traffic stop of a black motorist in front of her home. This month, Good announced her intention to run for sheriff of New York’s Monroe County on the Green Party ticket.


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