Inflated egos were brought back down to reality in The Apprentice


TV review: The bitchfest in the boardroom was the highlight of The Apprentice this week.

Over on The Apprentice (BBC1), resident cock-of-the-walk Neil, aka The Cat Hater, was looking pretty boxed in himself. As he and Kurt snarled at each other like baby bears in the boardroom – just to chuck another animal reference into the menagerie – leaving Uzma to distractedly finger her hair extensions, it was looking like one of the early favourites might bite the dust.

Imagine how crestfallen Neil would be, his monster man ego brought to its knees by a fruit smoothie. It’s getting to the point now where I’d just as soon fast forward throught the task – standard-issue bickering over setting up a farm shop in which Jordan looked increasingly like the Nutty Professor while fondling buffalo burgers – and head straight for the boardroom and a director’s cut version of the all…

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