Art Student Destroys Her Own Painting in Front of Class After Bad Review


Published on May 23, 2013

It’s supposed to be constructive criticism: Art student destroys her own painting in front of class after bad review. After hours of hard graft, it can be difficult to swallow constructive criticism about your work. But one art student in America, took her anger to a whole new level and smashed up her painting.

The video begins with the student giving a presentation to her art class about her painting.

Her work features a portrait of a brunette female with a line painted through her eyes.

She explains the thoughts behind her work and then pauses as the class start to give her feedback.

‘I feel like the line should be a more solid colour, I think it should make a high contrast between the figure and the line,’ says one classmate.

The girl does not react as the comments are voiced in the room and stands motionless holding the canvas.

Another voice in room pipes up saying: ‘It looks like under worked outsider art, in a way you were successful like that in a way because you were trying to pretend you didn’t work the paint.

She explains that outsider art is people who are ‘untrained.’

Another voice adds: ‘I like that you went a different direction to what you normally do, but I think that the face looks like you and you do a lot of art that is focused on yourself because you are a fashion designer so you work from your own body and I don’t know if you meant to do that…’

As the girl attempts to finish her sentence she is cut off by the art student who raises her palm and explodes.

‘Okay listen this is f****** bull****,’ she shouts out.

‘I am sorry but I spent so much time on this f****** project.’

The art student, then proceeds to throw the canvas on the floor against the wall and stamp her foot through it.

She picks it up again and whacks it against the wall, before hitting it on the floor.

Her last act of destruction is when she tries to break it up against her body as she shouts out swearing.

Exhausted by her efforts, she eventually throws the painting on the floor and storms out the room.

Since the video was posted online many users have raised doubts about the scenarios authenticity.

‘This is obviously performance art. Why else would they be recording her’ write one user on YouTube.

Another wrote: ‘This is fake I am not buying it. The conversation is just boring excessive used of the world ‘like’ and then she freaks out over nothing.’

But another user wrote: ‘She was prob (sp) really unconfident about her work and she got beat down by her peers.’


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