One Direction dubbed ‘one big disappointment’ after announcing new stadium tour


One Direction have been dubbed ‘one big disappointment’ on Twitter when they announced they are hitting the road again next year to ogle at beach babes in G-strings.

But the lads didn’t exactly get the jubilant reaction they had hoped for about their stadium tour after they overhyped their announcement at London’s Wembley stadium.

Many fans had expected something far more dramatic and it wasn’t long before #ONEBIGDSIAPPOINTMENT was trending on Twitter.

One hacked off fan called ‏@JohnJoseph1D tweeted: ‘The “big announcement” that will “change our lives” is another goddamn tour that I can’t afford what a great news!!! #ONEBIGDISAPPOINTMENT’

While one angry 1D fan in Asia called pasta ‏@lou_ebooks wrote: #onebigannouncement #ONEBIGDISAPPOINTMENT we waited for 6 days and then we suddenly knew that ASIA ISNT INCLUDED!’

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But the lads, who are already on a world tour, were dancing in their…

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