Usher’s EX-Nanny SUES For Six-Figure Settlement

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UsherUsherPeaceNYCSaPpaOXURVSxUsher’s former nanny has filed suit claiming she wasn’t compensated for the overtime she put in.  See how his camp responded inside… 

Rich folks just don’t know how to treat “The Help”….so the nannies say.  First we find out that Kim Porter “allegedly” had her nanny sweeping the floors and living out of a suitcase (with a door that didn’t lock) and now, according to TMZ, Usher’s ex-nannyCecilia Duncan, is claiming that Usher’s is JUST AS BAD when it comes to treating his “help” nicely.

You’d think that celebrities would be kind to the people whom they’ve tasked with helping raise their kids….but maybe not.  Just ask Cecilia Duncan.  Cecilia says she started working for Usher in December 2010 (caring for his two sons, ages 4 & 5).  But pretty soon,  she says the job started veering into the 40+ hours category, but there was no increase/overtime in her…

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