New York police officer gets stuck in tree while rescuing stranded cat


A New York police officer was forced to make an embarrassing 911 call after getting stuck in a tree while attempting to rescue a stranded cat.

Violent crime in the  US city may have dropped to its lowest level since the early 60s but the streets clearly remain a hazardous place for the NYPD.

The unlucky officer climbed the tree outside an elementary school in Queens on Monday but maybe should have called for back-up first.

With the frightened feline perched a lofty 30ft up in the tree, the officer was afflicted by a sudden spell of vertigo.

‘The cop went up after the cat. The cat went a little further out. So, the cop went further out and he got stuck,’ said a NYPD source.

The New York fire department soon came to the duo’s rescue, armed with a tower ladder, as a crowd of pupils from the nearby…

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