Kevin Smith reveals he’s finished Clerks 3 script


Kevin Smith has revealed on Facebook that he has finished work on a script for Clerks 3.

The film-maker shared the news with his fans on the social networking site by posting a picture of the finished manuscript with a clapboard used on the original 1994 film.

The snap was accompanied by the message: ‘IT IS ACCOMPLISHED! CLERKS III, FIRST DRAFT! At 137 pages, it plays like THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of what’s now become the Clerks Trilogy.’

Smith started work on the script on March 8, telling fans: ‘I have come to a conclusion… CLERKS III will be the best film I’ll ever make.’

Clerks was an indie cult hit about a pair of slacker shop assistants played by Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran with a sequel coming out in 2006.

Smith recently announced that Clerks 3 would be his last film as director.

His original plan was to…

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