Deftones Considering Release Of ‘Eros’ Album Featuring Deceased Bassist

The World Famous KROQ

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has suggested that the band could be getting closer to unveiling Eros, an unreleased album that features late bassistChi Cheng.

Cheng passed away on April 13 of this year as a result of a tragic car accident in November 2008 that left the bass player in a coma. Deftones had nearly completed Eros at the time of the crash, and the group decided to shelve the record out of respect to Cheng. Instead, the band recruited bassist Sergio Vega of Quicksand and recorded 2010 album Diamond Eyes, which the group felt was a more optimistic record than the much darker Eros.

“At that point, we never really looked backwards, we only started looking forward,” Moreno told KROQ in an exclusive interview last year. “I think [Eros] really captured that time in our lives, and I don’t think we’re ready…

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