‘Dead’ Man Comes Back To Life At Funeral

Jack Seattle FM

If this one doesn’t make your skin crawl… you’re probably watching too many horror movies. Friends and relatives were gathered for Brighton Zantha’s funeral in Zimbabwe and as they were passing by his coffin, someone saw the “dead” man’s legs move, according to The Mirror. Understandably, they were terrified and did what any normal person would– they ran. We’re assuming someone eventually came to their senses and called for help.

The Mirror reports, Zantha spent two days on life support at the hospital, then he was sent home.

So what exactly do you say when you’re brought back from the dead?  “I feel okay now,” Zantha reportedly said. He apparently doesn’t remember anything except waking up in the hospital.

Wonder what the return policy is on that coffin…

-Rachel Ayres, JACK Seattle

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