Bruins’ Miraculous Game 7 Comeback Will Forever Go Down In Boston Sports Lore

CBS Miami

BOSTON (CBS) — There are no words.

You can try if you’d like, but you will fail.

You will fail to tell the story, to capture the moment, to even come close to describing what took place in Boston on Monday night.

The Bruins lost Game 7. Not officially, of course, but for all intents and purposes, their season was over after a blown 3-1 series lead. Nazem Kadri’s goal five and a half minutes into the third period put the Maple Leafs ahead 4-1, and it appeared at the time to be the most meaningless of meaningless goals. Because again, the Bruins had lost Game 7.

And then, Nathan Horton scored. Something to cheer about for the fans who stuck around to watch the bitter end unfold, but little else.

And then, in the game’s final minutes, Milan Lucic scored, jamming home a Zdeno Chara rebound and cutting the…

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