TNT Cancels Regina King’s ‘Southland’ and Monday Mornings’

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The Cable Television Network TNT recently announced it’s cancellation of two dramas, “Southland” starring Regina King and “Monday Mornings” starring Ving Rhames. Both shows collapsed under the pressure of ratings demands, and wont be picked up for another season, sources say.

This marks the end of a five year run for Southland, which revolved around the Los Angeles Police Depart. The gritty series was originally part of NBC’s evening lineup before it was canceled. Meanwhile, King, who played a detective on the show, has signed on for the ABC pilot “Divorce: A Love Story.” Also, “Monday Mornings,” a nursing drama starring Rhames (go figure), premiered in February but was cut short after only two months.

“TNT has made the difficult decision not to renew ‘Southland’ for another season. We are enormously proud of ‘Southland,’ which stands as one of the best police dramas ever made,”…

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