Dear Samsung, please stop making stuff up about 5G


On Monday, Samsung made a big news splash with the revelation it has successfully tested a “5G” network in its labs, delivering a 1 Gbps connection over airwaves that were previously useless for mobile communications.

From what few details Samsung has released about the tests, the feat sounds impressive, and its adaptive array transceiver technology could very well make it into the future networks we’ll one day call 5G. But for Samsung to call its technology 5G today is very disingenuous. Quite frankly a huge global vendor vendor and researcher like Samsung should know better than to play so fast and loose with media and technology perceptions. Samsung is grubbing for headlines, and it appears to have succeeded. A search of Google News for “Samsung” and “5G” yielded 97 separate stories.

The fact is, 5G only exists as barest concept today. Groups like METIS have just started investigating the

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