Wife of metal singer who was arrested in murder-for-hire plot concerned about Christian musician’s behaviour changes, parenting abilities

National Post | Arts

Divorce documents show the lead singer of heavy metal band As I Lay Dying and the wife he allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill had a mostly amicable split, and she expressed no fears for her safety.

But Meggan Lambesis, wife of Tim Lambesis, said in the court papers obtained by The Associated Press that recent changes in his behaviour had her worried about his ability to care for their three adopted children.

Law enforcement officials said they arrested 32-year-old Tim Lambesis after he tried to hire an undercover detective he believed was a hit man. He is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday, two days after he was taken into custody at a store in Oceanside.

Meggan Lambesis said her estranged husband, who is covered in tattoos and known for his growling voice, had become “obsessed with bodybuilding” and was distracted while with the children, often texting…

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