Restaurant Hawks Charles Ramsey T-Shirts, But ‘Cleveland Hero’ Has Checkered Past


Charles Ramsey has become an internet celebrity after helping Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight escape Monday evening from a home near downtown Cleveland where suspect Ariel Castro allegedly held them captive for about a decade.

Ramsey went on to do an interview on local TV that went viral and got the auto-tune treatmentMcDonald’s gave him a thumbs-up on Twitter for talking about eating Big Macs when he noticed there was trouble, and now Hodge’s Cleveland, the restaurant where the 43-year-old man works as a dishwasher, has made t-shirts with his name, face and “Cleveland’s Hero” plastered on the front:


(MORE: Captive in Cleveland: 5 New Things We Know and 5 We Still Don’t Know)

The tees are available online for $20 each via onpoint store, and Hodge’s Cleveland is donating all of the proceeds to the victims’ families. The restaurant purposefully decided not to…

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