Paul McCartney besieged by grasshoppers at concert


For a superstar who fronted The Beatles and Wings, he really shouldn’t have been surprised to find himself singing with insects.

And so it was that Sir Paul McCartney brushed aside any nerves as his show was invaded by thousands of grasshoppers. In fact, he began singing to one that landed on his shoulder and stayed there for most of the three-hour set.

The cloud of insects flew into Serra Dourada Stadium in Goiania, Brazil, on a humid night.

Sir Paul, 70, introduced his new friend to the 47,000-strong crowd as Harold. During the classic Beatles ballad Hey Jude, Sir Paul turned to Harold as he sang the words ‘the movement you need is on your shoulder’ from the song, adding: ‘It certainly is now.’

Photographs show Harold had a few friends happy to settle on the ex-Beatle as he played. Also during the show, Sir Paul was seen inviting…

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