Japanese firm dresses cats like sushi in cute photo collection


To the horror of cat lovers around the world a Japanese firm has ‘dressed up’ a number of cute tabbies as sushi dishes.

The felines, who are not really available to eat, have been photoshopped wrapped up with vegetables and served alongside rice by Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts.

The company claims the Sushi Cats (Neko-Sushi) are an ancient and mystical creature. It has even created a video to describe their origins.

‘There are several academics who have devoted their lives to the study of these creatures,’ the business claimed.

‘According to a number of these, Neko-Sushi make use of gaps in space to come to us from an alternate dimension.

‘Beyond these “gaps” lies the world of the Neko-Sushi in which, it is recently understood, lies the true identity of the cats that dwell with us here in the human dimension.’

If you wish to purchase one of the cute…

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