Racial Tensions Over Sunset Sirens


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COLUMBIA, IL (KTVI)– A debate is raging in Columbia, Illinois over how often to sound the city’s warning sirens.  While most places test their sirens monthly, in Columbia they go off at least twice a day.

“Twice a day, six days a week.  For sure. Except Sundays,” daycare operator Courtney Matzenbacher said with a laugh.

She runs the daycare center across the street from City Hall, home to one of the three sirens here.  The sirens, she says, are deafening, and more troubling still for a building full of toddlers.

“Either they scream at the top of their lungs and go with it, or some with sensory issues cover their ears and duck down.”

It’s a disruption for Frank Baliva, who lives across the street from one siren.

“Every evening at 6:00 and you first get home and you’re having dinner with your family and these loud…

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