Please let the newest HTC Windows tablet rumors be just that: rumors


Every few months I hear rumors with these two words: HTC and tablet. On Tuesday, I heard them again with a source telling Phone Arena that HTC is expected to debut a pair of new tablets by year’s end. One is allegedly a 7-inch tablet while the other is expected to be a 12-inch device. A tablet isn’t what HTC needs to turn around its sales and profits problems.

HTC’s prior tablets and the market for Windows RT

HTC did create a 7-inch Intel(s intc) Atom-powered tablet in 2007 called the HTC Shift. It had a hardware keyboard and ran Windows,(s msft) but like many other UMPC models from that time, it was never a hit. The company doesn’t have expertise with Intel chips and the full version of Windows, however. A few Android tablets from HTC — the Flyer and the Jetstream — came and went without…

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