NFL rookie Brandon Williams used to live in a car and worked cleaning portable toilets


Baltimore Ravens rookie Brandon Williams has revealed he was inspired to become an NFL prospect by escaping his life living a car and his job cleaning portable toilets.

When he was not playing as a defensive tackle at Missouri Southern last season, Williams worked hauling and cleaning portable toilets to make some extra money for his family.

‘Sometimes, you got a little poop on you,’ Williams said. ‘Every time I was doing that, I said to myself, “I gotta work harder, I’m not doing this the rest of my life.” It motivated me to get better.’

Williams was selected 94th overall by the Super Bowl champions in last month’s draft and will make £1.74million with a £354,000 bonus if he sees out his four-year contract.

Missouri Southern coach Darryl Daye said: ‘No job is too small for him. He’s what you want your son to be like: honest and true…

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