Inventor demonstrates parachute to help workers escape from high-rise offices


That’s one way to escape!

High-rise office workers could soon have a speedy way of getting out in an emergency that is plain sailing.

The SOS Parachute has been designed to allow users to avoid running through fire exits and freefall their way to safety instead.

Creators of the specially designed escape parachute hope it will become the most common way to get out of office blocks at times of disaster around the world.

Inventor Morris Shahbayi claims it can inflate after a 100 feet drop – faster than other conventional models. And he has proved his point after showing the product works by performing 13 test-jumps from the lofty heights of tall office buildings. This makes it ideal for workers in high rise buildings who have no other option.

The daring inventor has now put the parachute on the market in Panama, where his company, SOS Parachute is based…

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