Billions of sex-crazed insects to emerge after 17 years underground and outnumber people 600-1


It sounds like something from a horror film – but any day now billions of cicada bugs with bulging red eyes are set to emerge after 17 years in hibernation underground and outnumber the human population by up to 600 to 1.

The bugs, each one an inch-long with estimates suggesting there could be up to 30billion of them, are set to emerge with the sole purpose of reproducing before retreating back into their underground hives.

Although scientists claim many people will not even notice they are there, their practice of ‘singing’ to attract a mate can be so loud ‘you don’t hear planes flying overhead’, entomologist Gene Kritsky remarked.

In a 2004 study the sound was measured at up to 94 decibels, or the same level as a lorry passing on a country road as you walk along the pavement.

However, those in the affected areas – most of the…

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