School Board To Make Changes After ‘Harlem Shake’ Suspensions

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

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MOUND, Minn. (WCCO) – The Mound-Westonka School District says it’s making changes after the suspension of six hockey players just hours before a playoff game. With a short roster, the team lost to a lower-seeded opponent

On Monday night, School Board Chair David Botts also said students overstepped their bounds in late February while shooting a “Harlem Shake” video during lunch time.

“Although permission was given to film a Harlem Shake video, the actions of the students in the video that was filmed in the cafeteria were outside the scope of the permission given,” Botts said. “We’ve done what we feel we can do in this situation.”

While the incident happened months ago, parents and students are still outraged and wonder why the bulk of the blame falls on the students and not administrators.

The district’s lawyer said the video used in the investigation will…

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