Celebrity endorsements: Pretentious Brad Pitt to vodka-sipping Sylvester Stallone


Before he shed all that weight, Matthew McConaughey would probably have struggled to stretch sample-size designer suits over his thighs. Now, he’s modelling for Dolce & Gabbana alongside Scarlett Johansson – they were shooting ads in Malibu last week.

The pair are far from alone among stars of screen and sport who earn extra cash on the side these days, with varyingly credible results.

Brad Pitt recently found himself the butt of a thousand internet jokes after his deeply pretentious Chanel No 5 advert (in which he also appeared to have borrowed Gerard Depardieu’s nose). His $4million fee probably cushioned the blow though, and at least it’s a luxury brand: by contrast, tennis star Rafael Nadal is, rather improbably, currently advertising the online gambling site PokerStars. Serena Williams can sympathise though – she’s appeared in adverts for tampons.

Some stars protect their credibility by accepting only foreign currency, taking ad…

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