Collin Brewer: Disability row councillor’s re-election sparks anger in Cornwall


Hundreds of people have backed a petition calling for the resignation of a councillor who said disabled children should be ‘put down’.

Collin Brewer, an independent councillor for Wadebridge East in Cornwall, regained the post he stepped down from just two months ago at this week’s local elections.

The 68-year-old sparked outrage after suggesting in 2011 that children should be euthanised to save the authorities money.

An e-petition calling for him to resign for a second time has already attracted more than 700 names, while more than 200 people have backed a similar Facebook campaign.

James Ball, who set up the Facebook page, said he was angry Mr Brewer had decided to stand again.

‘I set this Facebook group up after he was re-elected and was very upset that, after his comments, he wanted to stand again,’ he told This Is Cornwall.

‘He can’t be that arrogant and think…

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