SEC stays silent on Bitcoin as currency attracts new controversies


Bitcoin is back in the news again following last month’s epic crash in which it lost 70 percent of its value in two days. This week, the online currency was at the center of a video game zombie operation and a $75 million lawsuit between a Japanese exchange and a Seattle startup that provides Bitcoin services to American merchants.

The recent events are the latest in a never-ending series of crimes and controversies tied to Bitcoin, which is mined by computers and can be used for payments or exchanged into dollars and other currencies. The money is popular with libertarians because it isn’t subject to deflation by central banks, but has also been criticized for attracting criminals and hackers.

GigaOM meet up BitCoin

The controversy raises the question of whether America’s leading financial regulator, the Securities and Exchanges Commission, will attempt to control the spread and use of Bitcoin.

“We are declining comment,” said…

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