Google Is Making Gaming Moves


Google may be planning some big moves into video games, based on a few recent developments.

As TechCrunch reports, Google has hired Noah Falstein to be the company’s chief game designer. Falstein is best known for his work on the arcade classic Sinistar, and on the Indiana Jones series of adventure games for DOS.

That’s not the only sign of things to come. The schedule for Google’s I/O conference this month includes three sessions on gaming, including one billed “New Developments in Mobile Gaming.” Android Police has reported that Google is working on a multiplayer gaming service, similar to Apple’s Game Center, based on hints in one of Google’s own Android apps.

What’s going on here? Let’s mull over the possibilities, based on what we know:

Possible: More Offbeat Gaming Endeavors

Google already dabbles in game design, occasionally releasing games in the form of Google Doodles, such as

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