21 & Over is a dumb hangover from juvenile fratboy comedy


The Hangover writers have been let loose on the fratboy genre, with results as juvenile as you’d imagine.

Once again, we begin with a morning-after scene: Miller (Miles Teller) and Casey (Skylar Astin) wander the streets, broken and virtually naked. Flashback to the night before and they’re persuading pre-med student friend Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) to celebrate his 21st birthday. Just a quick drink, promises Miller, who’s got ‘Bad Influence’ written all over him…

What follows is an all-too familiar mash-up of films such as American Pie, Project X… even Porky’s.

Not a great deal changes in the world of the teen sex comedy, apart from the multicultural characters, although these aren’t always integrated, leaving us with the boys being pursued by angry Latina sorority girls and making generalisations about Asians and Serbs.

The performances are amiable enough – especially Astin and love interest Sarah Wright – and there’s a surprisingly sensitive sub-plot about friendship. But…

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