Benedict Cumberbatch: How to do my hair was biggest Star Trek Into Darkness challenge


Benedict Cumberbatch has joked that deciding how to have his hair everyday on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness was his biggest challenge.

The Sherlock star, who plays baddie John Harrison in the sci-fi sequel, made the quip at a press conference for the new film this morning.

Asked what was the biggest challenge he faced while shooting, he joked: ‘Which way to do my hair was the hardest… straight or curly or long or bangs or in a ponytail or maybe no hair.’

He then replied more seriously: ‘It was such a sort of whirlwind for me that it was just one ball of excitement from beginnning to end.’

JJ Abrams got in on the gag too and when it came to his turn to talk about the obstacles he’d faced, the director said: ‘I think one of the biggest challenges for me was Benedict’s hair.’

Cumberbatch opened…

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