Weatherman fights through hiccups during live TV forecast


We all dread getting the hiccups at a potentially embarrassing moment so have some sympathy for weatherman David Paul who got them during a live broadcast.

The meteorologist for Houston’s KHOU-TV was forced to endure nearly three minutes of torment as he completed his weather report.

Mr Paul knew he was doomed from early on in his presentation – straight after the first myoclonic jerk of the diaphragm (yes, we used Wikipedia).

‘I have the hiccups of course, this is what happens right when we have heavy weather. But bear with me,’ he joked.

But the presenter would not be deterred and continued with his job, despite being regularly interrupted by the uncontrollable movement.

YouTube user Olgalololga found it hilarious but was worried for Mr Paul’s job.

She wrote: ‘lol that’s so funny… Poor guy, hope he won’t be fired for stupid hiccups.’

Theonerandomname was less sympathetic, adding: ‘He should be FIRED for…

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