WATCH: Death-Defying Daredevil Performs Stunts from Towering China Bridge


We might say “Don’t try this at home,” but then what are the chances your home is anywhere near an almost 4,000-foot-long bridge with a peak height of more than 1,000 feet?

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We’re talking about the rough, completely terrifying dimensions of the recently completed (in 2011) Aizhai suspension bridge in central China’s Hunan province — ranked the sixth highest bridge in the world — where Norwegian acrobat Eskil Ronningsbakken decided to do considerably more than sightsee.

Instead, he opted to travel on foot out to the bridge’s center — the highest part, overlooking the lush Dehang Canyon — descend from the bridge’s deck to stand on a lattice of red-painted steel girders, then perform strength-related balancing stunts — without safety cables or tethers — on chairs, jutting cables and other industrial protuberances that’d probably frighten away the steeliest Cirque tumbler.

And then…

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