New Zealand reveals new list of banned names for babies – including Lucifer and 4Real


A list of banned children’s names including 4Real, Lucifer, Anal and ‘\’ has been issued by New Zealand.

A prohibition exists after parents sought to register their offspring with a variety of bizarre names.

Officials working for the country’s births, deaths and marriages department have updated the list of names they have rejected since 2001.

Two New Zealanders recently wanted to register their child’s birth with a backslash separating two names, but were told it would contravene strict rules on what monikers are considered acceptable.

Also rejected were Majesty, Queen Victoria, and Knight as they break the rules that prohibit anything that implies a title.

Stand-alone letters that appear to be initials but do not stand for anything including ‘AJ’, ‘MC’, ‘VI’, ‘LB’ and ‘CJ’ were all also turned down by officials.

The list of 77 names reveals one child was set to be called ‘Anal’ before the Department of…

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